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Meet Ssal Sushi & Grill


Our Philosophy

Japan, Korea, and Canada... three unique cultures with three distinctive palates now combined into a truly one-of-a-kind, culinary experience. 


Whether you are planning an intimate dining experience for your close family, a corporate lunch with your work colleagues, or an extravagant meal with your best friends, Ssal Sushi & Grill is the perfect setting to gather. 


Our goal is to combine the highest quality sushi, Korean dishes, and a spin on some old North American favourites into one amazing dining experience. Our restaurant combines the passion of our master chefs to select the highest quality ingredients and attention to detail with a western eye for flare.


The result is a world-class experience that blows our guests out of the water with each and every bite. We attribute the success to staying true to our roots and never straying from our core values, yet also never being afraid of innovation and trying new things!

Dual Sushi
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